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SarafinaPsychic | Oranum
66 Puntuación
My areas of expertise are...LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS...FUTURE FORECASTING...CAREER CHOICES & GOAL ACHIEVEMENT, HEALING-ACTIONS FOR REMOVAL OF SUFFERING...DREAM INTERPRETATION...PAST LIVES...MEDIUMSHIP....I have been aware of my gift since age 3 1/2...Expert on ORANUM since September 2012...My readings are fast, accurate, clear and helpful..TOOLS UPON REQUEST.
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  •   starfish57 hace 3 días

    Great reading with lots of information. Also, great sense of humor. Thank you!

  •   cazk0303 hace 8 días

    Grateful I was able to connect with her tonight. She truly nailed it all on the head...very spot on. What a gifted reader...

  •   starfish57 hace 8 días

    Nice reading! thank you!

  •   Lilmspushy hace 1 mes

    Thank you for your insight. I will listen and try to do what I need to do.

  •   starfish57 hace 1 mes

    lots of answers quickly! thank you!

  •   santiagochi hace 1 mes

    for sarfina from Chiko thank you soo much for your honesty and caring . I appreciate the things and realities you showed to me A bitter pil to ingest but as truth is at times one must do so...

    I can only hope and wish for a return to my side of my sweet christine..

  •   walt89 hace 1 mes

    Thank you :)

  •   starfish57 hace 2 meses

    good reading!

  •   Martina361 hace 2 meses

    You were correct about everything I am going through but you have helped me to see what my next steps has to be for my own wellbeing...Thank you

  •   peabody123 hace 2 meses

    Thank you again. After a few what the hell is she saying readings, I'm learning a lot from this woman.

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