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VisionaryGu | Oranum
16+ years experience, over 12K readings & 4 years on Oranum. Clairvoyant,Tarot expert,Rune Stone,Lenormand, IChing,Dowser, Chinese Fortune Telling, Pendulum, Reiki Master, Life Coach. Specialities: reconciling relationships, Predictions Love life/Career/Finance/Court Case. Soul mates/Twin flame confirmation. Guidance and Time frame for predictions.No Sugar Coat and false hope.Only reveal Truth.
  • Englanti, Kiina

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  •   bagrosso  6 päivää sitten

    VisionaryGu was very quick and accurate. She did not waste of any time, went straight to the answers and she confirmed my feelings. very positive and supportive reading. will definitely come back. thank you very much!!!!

  •   jasminearizona  6 päivää sitten

    She was able to capture my personality immediately and was able to give me heads up about what I was seeking regarding delays. This will allow me to be patient while I wait to see the end results. Thank you so much

  •   greentoes78  7 päivää sitten

    thank you for the wonderful and honest reading it was great and you are good at what you do!

  •   inlovewithlife7  22 päivää sitten

    Gu is wonderful and so very smart!! I believe every word she told me. She knew the situation perfectly and had great advice for me. I highly recommend VisionaryGu!!

  •   sabrina12883  26 päivää sitten

    gu was very compassionate and direct with the reading..

  •   Mimi1986  27 päivää sitten

    Very good reading!!!! Very detailed!!!

  •   Love_Dove  1 kuukausi sitten

    My very first reading went well. I love that VisionaryGu is very real and positive. I came across her profile months ago but we were never online at the same time until tonight when I felt the need for a reading. I have enough clarity of myself and my life. Good advice and positivity from VisionaryGu. She is very gifted. I will come back tomorrow

  •   CoolDolphin  1 kuukausi sitten

    Gu is always direct, quick and very kind. If there is tough news, she will say so, but with compassion and in a way that shows the best path to deal with any situation.
    I would give ten stars if I could!

  •   savinap  1 kuukausi sitten

    She is awesome and to the point. :)

  •   pokemonk  1 kuukausi sitten

    always the top of Oranum. She has been so helpful and i trust her card.

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You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).