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Heera123 | Oranum
Care4u :) Born-Gifted psychic, energy worker or channeler and healer. I have worked on Oranum since 2012. Tried tested. My abilities: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Empath. I am a love, relationship and career expert. Benefits: answers, decision, unconfusion, guidance, clarity and prediction. My style: straight forward. Authentic readings!
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  •   Tiffwillson  Il y a 2 jours.

    Fabulous reading! Right on. Thank you!!!!

  •   SpiritualOceans  Il y a 4 jours.

    She's great! All around one of my favorites. I highly recommend Heera. She's definitely a go-to for, when I am not sure of something. I can trust her 100%. Again, highly recommended!

  •   Aqua4lyfe85  Il y a 4 jours.

    Heera!! What can I say. YOU'RE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO!!! You have the most undefined spirit like no other. BEST PSYCHIC on the UNIVERSE!!! I don't have a problem buying credits to hear from you..its always a humbling conversation. I will most certainly give you an update about your predictions. Much love, peace and Light Aqua4lyfe85

  •   Angela2508  Il y a 6 jours.

    very quick and on top of things

  •   gaston165  Il y a 9 jours.

    Herra is very accurate, I appreciate her !

  •   iza528  Il y a 9 jours.

    always, so profesional, and genuine

  •   uvqueen  Il y a 18 jours.

    one of the best

  •   princessl329  Il y a 27 jours.

    Always great! Thanks so much :)

  •   SantiagoDelToroG  Il y a 1 mois.

    Heera is amazng! She always pinpoints my issues and finds out what will TRUELY happen. She has never been wrong. She feels my energy and knows exactly what is happening. Thank you for all your support and widom Heera, I will be back soon :)

  •   HarshithP  Il y a 1 mois.

    Thanks a lot for the input and advice ma'am.. you never fail to comfort me!! :)

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