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  •   TommyTK Il y a 1 jour.

    You're right, I am missing the live reactions and feedbacks. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. God bless.

  •   myeyesea Il y a 1 jour.

    thank you Nikki 10 star reader

  •   SolAngel1 Il y a 4 jours.

    Really helped me get past something really hard. Thank you for the Honest and Help

  •   myeyesea Il y a 5 jours.

    thank you Nikki top 5 star

  •   empy05 Il y a 6 jours.

    Thanks so much for the compassion and guidance! I know there's better opportunities out there, awesome people who will accept me, and love in the cards (literally) LOL (thank you)

  •   Candyland23 Il y a 8 jours.

    5 stars!!

  •   myeyesea Il y a 9 jours.

    thank you Nikki. your a 10 star reader

  •   NativeWhispers Il y a 10 jours.

    Appreciate your truth... No beating around bush, sraight forward... Thank you so much, Dr, Nikki...

  •   NativeWhispers Il y a 13 jours.

    She tiik the words out of my mouth.. Just needed confirmationed.. Thank you, for such positiveness..

  •   aroyba14 Il y a 14 jours.

    Very Positive reading.

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