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Welcome ! I am Tozororion99 a practicing Shaman and Psychic for over 20 years. My abilities are in the areas of healing and restoring energy, your animal totems and power animal, finding lost articles and people. My ability to read your issue and bring desired direction and clarity with or without tools. Come let my energy ignite your potential !
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  •   KellyDoll77  Il y a 23 heures.

    I found out some amazing things, and it really motivated me. Great and loving soul.

  •   fresiaflower  Il y a 2 jours.

    He is fast, although unfortunately i did not have enough credits to hear it all, I am grateful for the advices and things he saw for me. Thank you for your time Tozor, you are the best!

  •   jojoOH47  Il y a 3 jours.

    Strong reading as always! Tunes in right away and is accurate.

  •   Kosmo22  Il y a 4 jours.

    Amazing Reading - I am so humbled and grateful for such the great reading. He sees :)

  •   Athanasoula  Il y a 17 jours.

    He is amazing!!! Picks up everything going on in my life. I can't say enough great things for his insight and help. Thank You!!!! n

  •   wmd1991  Il y a 21 jours.

    Best reading. He gets straight to the point. Wow

  •   Spendstomuch  Il y a 23 jours.

    What a wonderful person and healer. His clearings are awesome. Thank you so very much for all you do! Many Blessings

  •   fresiaflower  Il y a 27 jours.

    Thank you dear Tozor, giving me a higher perspective on my life situation. great and fast!!

  •   phoenix8  Il y a 1 mois.

    Toz is a straight forward honest person, great knowldege and i will be a returning for more sessions

  •   lalalalinda  Il y a 1 mois.

    EXTREMELY GIFTED!!!! He was right on the money with my situation. The more he got into the reading, tlhe more information he kept coming up with. I know what he was saying is accurate because i know the situation and what is going on, but he didn't have any info and knew everything!!! An amazing intuitive . Highly recommended. He has a big heart, also!!!

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