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BrightStar55 | Oranum
23 votes
I have worked as a spiritual Medium for over 30 years here in the U.K. on the platform I sense I see ,I hear, I feel Spirit also smell spirit to. I work with several guides. I am also Clairvoyant
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  •   lizwhitehouse Il y a 21 jours.

    thank you for your help and healing.

  •   lizwhitehouse Il y a 3 mois.

    great knowledge of what i know thank you

  •   ttyh531 Il y a 4 mois.

    He definitely picks up on things accurately.

  •   luebaby Il y a 6 mois.

    Good morning will you be on today?

  •   karebear30 Il y a 7 mois.

    Sunny-Hope to catch u again today for a pvt-really hoping soon bc im actually on computer for a brief moment-need pvt plz

  •   bionda Il y a 7 mois.

    indescribable - he's like a rock in the turbulent waters, like someone I would know many years ago. Indescribable. So happy to find him.

  •   luebaby Il y a 7 mois.

    Very fast spot on. He is great!!

  •   champion2014 Il y a 9 mois.

    Thank you !!!!!

  •   karebear30 Il y a 10 mois.

    awww i missed u!! Hope to catch up soon!! hugs and love!! Hope things are well for u!!

  •   champion2014 Il y a 11 mois.

    BrightStar55, Congratulations and celebrations !!!!! I'm happier for you than you are for yourself !!!!! Finally.....

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