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UrbanPsychic | Oranum
22 votes
Professional Psychic Medium LOVE - RELATIONSHIPS - CAREER - FINANCE I am able to assist you in many areas of your life. What are his feelings? Is he in love with me? Is he cheating on me? Will I get the job? I am able to answer all these questions and more in our reading together.
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  •   Angela2508 Il y a 3 jours.

    Very good! Great energy! THank you so much!

  •   karlalm1 Il y a 9 jours.

    Such a great reading! Very to the point and sweet.

  •   sallysulle Il y a 19 jours.

    amazing insights. true psychic medium. 5 stars

  •   ccibabe Il y a 21 jours.

    He really connected right to me and the person I asked about as well other events going on in my life. I will see if the predictions come true, but I will definitely recommend him and I will be back.

  •   angel8819 Il y a 25 jours.

    I just had a Reiki session and its amazing how I can feel the energy online. I felt so much better in just few minutes. Highly recommended! He is my new favorite! Thank you so much :)

  •   cazk0303 Il y a 4 mois.

    Thank you so much for the reading Patrick...I truly appreciate you and your guidance today! Such a gifted and spiritual counselor. I appreciate you. Many blessings to you...xx

  •   itscindy Il y a 1 an.

    Connected fast, detailed, very honest and kind as always! Will come back for an update on the predictions. Many Blessings xxxx

  •   Lme412 Il y a 2 d'années.

    Enjoyable reading.

  •   LibraDragon11 Il y a 2 d'années.

    Thank u so much for the wonderful reading and the positive energy. I appreciate ur kindness and truth. I understand what you are saying about taking care of myself and I agree. Thank u for the positive message about rising above like a phoenix out of the ashes. This encouragement means a great deal to me and it truly gives me hope for the future. Blessings of Love and Light dear friend OmShanti

  •   rainbowsnow Il y a 2 d'années.

    I love getting readings from patrick. his energy is so comforting and healing that i could talk to hikm all day. his readings are also very accurate and to the point. definitely recommend him to everyone who is in need.

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