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Leelahel | Oranum
57 votes
I've worked on Oranum since it launched in 2011—Romance & Business Consultation Expert—Fast typing and talking!—Manners required—Please don't answer trolling guests or users. It feeds them attention and keeps them in the room.
  • Espagnol

Le mur de Leelahel




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  •   yatayatayata Il y a 15 jours.

    wonderful reading

  •   walt89 Il y a 1 mois.

    niiice thanks on point.

  •   templecity11 Il y a 2 mois.


  •   niharika_1985 Il y a 3 mois.

    favorite!! 6 and half years with this beauty and never disaapointed once

  •   zoyaayub28 Il y a 3 mois.

    She is a great reader. I tried giving her 5 stars, but there is a system mistake. I am sorry for the miscommunication earlier. Thanks for all your help! I am glad I spoke to you! <3

  •   debbiee222 Il y a 3 mois.

    A very fast reader and very spot on!

  •   walt89 Il y a 4 mois.

    Thank you on point.

  •   silverfox1211 Il y a 5 mois.

    One word: Accuracy! My go-to for everything. She won't steer you wrong and is truly gifted. Thank you so much!!

  •   niharika_1985 Il y a 5 mois.

    I loveeeee her .. 6 years with this beauty, she is that amazinggggg

  •   MS1074 Il y a 6 mois.

    Thank you for your help, sharing your thoughts what you sense and see. As a first timer I wasn't sure what to expect and appreciate your time, your readings and suggestions how to deal with it.

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