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TishTarot | Oranum
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I'm Tish. I am a clairessant, clairsentient, intuitive, empath, and channel for MY GRANDMOTHER. I feel your energy and hear her messages, as I interpret through the Tarot. I have given over 10,000 readings in my private practice. 98% accurate. I specialize in psychic recovery from trauma bonding, abusive relationships, and providing spiritual guidance. Hours: 11a- 3p and 10p-1a EST.
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  •   georgiapeach41 Il y a 19 jours.

    good info but not enough time to communicate

  •   Your Support Team Il y a 3 mois.

    Your Support Team vous souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire!

  •   SolAngel1 Il y a 4 mois.

    very quick an accurate will deff do another private

  •   artnugget21 Il y a 4 mois.

    Thanks for the reading, I feel a lot better for it and I can say it has helped me see things very clearly now.

  •   MyBeloved Il y a 5 mois.

    Thank you very much for the reading. It gave me a lot to think about that I did not recognize before. I need to research a few things to understand them better. My eyes were opened a little wider today. Identifying a problem helps me let go, because i understand what I am dealing with

  •   thewhite6060 Il y a 5 mois.

    Amazing!! Sorry my credits cut the conversation, but you have helped me IMMENSELY. I will be back.



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