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Relationship advice, mind whispering, energy work, mediumship readings, career and finances. We can help with all situations. We use no tools usually except when requested. Please ask for Miggin as she is a full time student and available on a limited basis.

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  •   Tigergirl4  Il y a 1 jour.


  •   Bluspirit19  Il y a 11 jours.

    You are very awesome, thank you.

  •   MyBeloved  Il y a 1 mois.

    Thank you so very much! I enjoyed our reading! I learned a lot. Thank you for being realistic as opposed to everyone telling me it will be soon. There is a long road to travel. I have no idea what my fate is with regard to love. For now, I need to focus on career, personal goals, and my health. That's a lot. Though it would be nice to have friends which I don't right now. XOXOXOXO

  •   SpiritualOceans  Il y a 1 mois.

    Great as always!

  •   Sindelle  Il y a 1 mois.

    I stopped by his room three times recently and was given a free card. Each time they were extremely accurate.

  •   gentlebay  Il y a 1 mois.

    They are as accurate as can be. Wonderful readers million stars.. the best

  •   JessicaHK97  Il y a 2 mois.

    Thanks for the good advice as always.

  •   CruelBenevolence  Il y a 2 mois.

    Very intuitive, enlightening, accurate and helpful! You guys didn't even know anything about my situation or what I have been through and picked up on all of it! All of it in less than 15 minutes! I appreciate having a reading by you guys. It was by far the best reading I have ever had. I will be back again any time I need some spiritual guidance. Thank you so much for your time!

  •   Montanay71  Il y a 2 mois.

    Wonderful insight and informative readers that encourage plus empower me. It is very interesting with the male and female perspectives! Thank you!!!!

  •   ladieleo2  Il y a 2 mois.

    thank you so much for your insight.. You were right on the money about everything. I am looking forward to the future now and my anxiety has dropped... :) I will keep you updated and the months go by.. :)

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