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LyndaSpirtMedium | Oranum
**$2.99 rate**I connect directly to Spirit as a medium and a seer. I also offer pet readings to pet owners who wish to know what their little one is saying.
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  •   astrosoul  Il y a 1 jour.

    Thank you Lynda. And thank you for the prayers

  •   benzman1977  Il y a 15 jours.

    So awesome and great....very intuitive and respectful of your credits; that was really appreciated.

  •   edel95  Il y a 18 jours.

    awesome! will come again

  •   kdunlea  Il y a 20 jours.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This was an amazing reading!

  •   insaneca50  Il y a 22 jours.

    Lynda's readings are always helpful! She is accurate and picks up on details that are significant and special ...

    Lynda provides insight and guidance which is always helpful when one is questioning things. I would highly recommend a reading!!

  •   teatree27  Il y a 24 jours.

    good guidance as usual.

  •   teatree27  Il y a 28 jours.

    good reading as usual

  •   aurelia  Il y a 29 jours.

    Love talking to her.She is very good.

  •   cazk0303  Il y a 1 mois.

    Today was my birthday and I went to Linda to see if she could connect with my loved ones. I so appreciate her gifts...I was given the blessing of my grams, gramps and dad coming through. Was truly a wonderful reading...and I am so happy that I got to experience that. Thank you Linda for sharing your gifts and your wonderful energy/spirit...and for making it a wonderful Bday:)

  •   teatree27  Il y a 1 mois.

    She is a good reader, who can pick on your guides (provided they want to come through on a particular occasion). She tell you "how it is".

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