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LyndaSpirtMedium | Oranum

Hello everyone. My name is Lynda. I connect directly to Spirit as a medium and a seer. I also offer pet readings to pet owners who wish to know what their little one is saying.

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  •   michelle128  Il y a 20 jours.

    I had my second reading with her and I love how calm she is! Very genuine. She connected with my father and was accurate and helped reassure me of my path!

  •   LyndaSpirtMedium  Il y a 1 mois.

    Prosperity Ritual in free chat at 8:30 (EST) this Monday evening, February 27, 2017. Please be on time to take part in this. Thank you.

  •   sami31784  Il y a 1 mois.

    Thank you so much for my reading! You hit on a lot that I needed to hear and some of which will come to me later on!!! I will be back! Thank you thank you!

  •   15Flares  Il y a 1 mois.

    She made a prediction about a cat that was going to come into my life, and it was so surprising because it came true!!!

  •   insaneca50  Il y a 1 mois.

    Lynda provides comfort and guidance when it is most needed. Thank you. I will have future readings.

  •   florzinha123  Il y a 2 mois.

    she is wonderful!!! right on spot!!! i fully recommend

  •   insaneca50  Il y a 2 mois.

    Lynda is wonderful. I have had readings in the past and she is accurate, straight forward, and always helpful.

    I would highly recommend a reading with Lynda!!

  •   PhoenixRising51  Il y a 2 mois.

    Truly outstanding. She connected with a pet who had just passed and family members. Incredibly comforting with validations that were spot on.

  •   LyndaSpirtMedium  Il y a 3 mois.

    Hello everyone. Thank you for posting on my wall your feedback/testimonies! Blessings to all!

  •   jagroupie  Il y a 4 mois.

    Great Guidance!! Able to connect with my Loved Ones who have passed. Thank You Lynda and Bless You.

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