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VidCon 2016

Oranum Presents "The Spirit of Summer" En savoir plus...

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Un voyage de mille lieux commence par une seule étape.

Oranum is the world’s largest spiritual platform, and the only live webcam portal that allows users the opportunity to live chat with spiritual advisors in the comfort of their own home. Though recognized worldwide for its psychics, anyone with a spiritual message or skill (from reiki healing, tarot card reading, meditation, mediumship and even spellcasting) can use Oranum. As a subsidiary of media giant, Docler Media, Oranum is swiftly becoming an innovative, online powerhouse - reaching over 5 million new visitors a month. With a mission to help connect, inspire and empower the world’s spiritual community, Oranum is a pioneering force bringing ancient knowledge to the digital age. Come join us!

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