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Bastet | Oranum
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When I was a child, my mother was surprised by a psychic who told her: Your daughter is clairvoyant. That is the first memory I have about the subject. Years later, in my 20s, I bought my first deck, Angel Cards. Then came my love for Tarot, and my curiosity for the world of the inexplicable. I have completed several educational programs, including healing, and the activation of the Pineal gland.
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  •   maddicat333 2 éve

    WOW .. fantastic :-)

  •   mariongeorgina 2 éve

    Wonderful reading

  •   Elissaghanem 2 éve

    Bastet is very sweet and kind. she really has said things that shocked me on how accurate they were. thank you

  •   LeannaChan 2 éve

    Bastet is truly amazing and sweet. She has helped me so much. Thank you Thank you. I feel truly grateful

  •   Mariquita1111 2 éve

    hi! i was eating for you today. hopefully you will be on soon!

  •   lovelylady7200 2 éve

    She was very good and on point with a lot of thing without me saying anything & very kind person. Thank you for my reading

  •   vjrei01 2 éve

    She is wonderful! amazing!!!!

  •   Paloma21 3 éve

    Very helpful guidance. Insightful and direct with love.



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