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LadyShadow | Oranum
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Greetings, Lady Shadow here, I have 30+ years experience , Integrity matters! I'm honest and to the point, I can use tools or no tools your choice . With the insight and wisdom from the spirits and guides we will find the answers you seek. I strive to give profession and informative readings to all ! I look forward to speaking with you and helping guide you in all that you seek ! Blessings !
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  •   MovingForward4 3 napja

    Thank you - It's always great to talk to you

  •   MovingForward4 12 napja

    Thank you - always nice to have a read with

  •   MovingForward4 25 napja

    Always great - sorry ran out of time :-)

  •   woodsprite 25 napja

    LadyShadow is always so kind and also very clear and direct. I never have any doubts after a reading with her. She is SO wonderful and brings me great peace of mind without any fiddle faddle.
    GREAT reader!

  •   MovingForward4 1 hónapja

    Always love talking to you- Thank you

  •   LadyShadow 1 hónapja

    Thank you so much it is always a blessings to read for you hun !

  •   MovingForward4 1 hónapja

    Thank you - always love your readings.

  •   MovingForward4 2 hónapja

    Love reading with you - Thank you

  •   benzman1977 2 hónapja

    Very positive, and encouraging! Thank you so much!!!

  •   Sashagurl891 3 hónapja

    very lovely energy and intuition!

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