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MonikaCards | Oranum
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I am a simple person who like very much to communicate with people and to help them.I also like to read the cards.It is my passion since I was very young.
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  •   cmlenzo 14 napja

    monika is right about everything. she was spot on in her reading and predicted things that no others could

  •   Lolabe11a 24 napja

    Monika was SPOT ON exactly right with him and whats been going on as of late. She read the whole situation exactly as if I told her or she was there! Solid advice based on all she saw with him and me for future. TY Monika xoxox

  •   Oraclem991 1 hónapja

    MonikaCards is a accurate, patient, and direct channel of things that are occuring and will happen. She give insight and warmth. I value and appreciate every reading I have.....it also reveals truth.

  •   alyabaw 2 hónapja

    v good

  •   flirtylibra 3 hónapja

    thank you so much for the honest reading xoxo you gave me peace of mind :) i will be back for sure blessings

  •   MonikaCards 3 hónapja

    your welcome ,,see you ,

  •   Your Support Team 3 hónapja

    Your Support Team nagyon Boldog Születésnapot kíván neked!

  •   honeylotus 4 hónapja

    One of the best readings I've had in a long time, and I love readings and get them often.

  •   salmoncito 10 hónapja

    the nicest and most honest perso that can be

  •   sssarah 10 hónapja

    She is really nice lady who is really soft spoken and did connect to my situation very easily and gave me guidance . Thanks monica

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