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SusanHeart | Oranum
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Hello! I am a psychic who channels Spirit regarding all personal matters. I have developed my intuitive abilities for over 30 yrs to help others. I see what your loved one is feeling, offer career guidance, Reiki energy that promotes healing, spiritual path, abundance readings, pet connections, energy clearing, personal Angel & Guide readings. I am here to be of service with integrity. $2.99/min
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  •   starfish57 1 napja

    Really good at helping to sort out thoughts versus actions. Very much appreciate her abilities.
    Thank you!

  •   SusanHeart 14 órája

    Thank you so much!

  •   lindastanley 25 napja

    She is real - unencumbered by fake psychic stuff. Get a reading! You won't regret it!

  •   SusanHeart 21 napja

    Thank you for your kind words! Many Blessings!

  •   LibraDragon11 28 napja

    Susan always makes me feel *lighter* She is a gentle, kind, beautiful soul. She has guided me many times in these past few years. I trust what she says because it is for my highest best good. She is always accurate with her predictions of thing's to come. I am so grateful for you Susan!! I can't thank you enough! (((HUGS)))

  •   SusanHeart 25 napja

    Awww, thank you so much for your kind message. Many Blessings of Love to you!

  •   Ainesh 28 napja

    Fast and accurate and friendly

  •   dobedobe 29 napja

    awesome and so true

  •   starfish57 29 napja

    Nice reading with great predictions!
    Thank you!

  •   starfish57 1 hónapja

    Thank you for all the uplifting and positive information and how to's. Many blessings.

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