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StarleneB Üzenőfala




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  •   Your Support Team 17 napja

    Your Support Team nagyon Boldog Születésnapot kíván neked!

  •   starfish57 21 napja

    Very nice reading. Lotsa information covered.
    Looking forward to the predictions coming into the present. Thank you!

  •   Lala4405 27 napja

    very good and honest reading, I've used starlene before

  •   Lenmana 1 hónapja

    She is a wonderful reader. Clear, explains things well, doesn't sugar coat...straight shooter. That is important to me. Very helpful.

  •   VincentX 1 hónapja

    Very thoughtful and intuitive. Helped me a lot in a brief time. I will connect with StarleneB again! Thanks!

  •   starfish57 2 hónapja

    Specific, honest, precise and timely with card interpretation and abilities. No sugar coating and no indecisiveness. Provides true answers and also offers sincere suggestions.
    Thank you for a great reading!

  •   pearberry008 3 hónapja

    i go to her for personal astrological readings! man she has been so accurate!

  •   dimond110 5 hónapja

    She is amazing and fast. She is also very accurate. I will have reading with her again.
    Thank you so much

  •   Aquarius7041 5 hónapja

    She was amazing!

  •   yannytran 6 hónapja

    she is absolutely amazing, no sugarcoating involved and reassuring!! loved my reading with her!! :) many blessings~

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