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  •   beta4ever20 4 hónapja

    He is amazing I was worried about a job interview and he gave me a healing to make all my worries go away. I felt it instantly, I was not feeling nervous and when I did go on the interview I was calm instead of a nervous train wreck. Thanks so much for helping me!!!

  •   beta4ever20 5 hónapja

    Thanks for the reading I will come and update you and let you know how things go!!

  •   beta4ever20 6 hónapja

    Very good insight!!!

  •   Your Support Team 7 hónapja

    Your Support Team nagyon Boldog Születésnapot kíván neked!

  •   sssarah 7 hónapja

    Good psychic, honest readings

  •   Angela2508 7 hónapja

    5 stars. for some reason doesn't give 5.

  •   Angela2508 9 hónapja

    5 stars! I don't know why it never holds on the 5th star!

  •   shelle97 9 hónapja

    This was a very interesting reading.. I don't know if I completely agree... Time will tell

  •   ar00x2 1 éve

    Insightful and honest. Makes sure to not waste your time. Asks for simple info and asks you to come back after he is done connecting so you wont waste your money. Very good.

  •   PurpleDaisy1 1 éve

    Good reading. knows what he's talking about and very kind. highly recommended.

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