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AlyciaRose | Oranum
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PROFESSIONAL - Radio & TV - Authentic - Honest - 30 yrs Exp. - Integrity matters - Love - Career - Money - Lost Objects - Paranormal - Past Lives - Tarot - Runes - Reiki Healing - Psychic Diagnosis - Remote Viewing - Spirit Communication - Magickal Advice - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, precognizant ....OVER 25K READINGS & 5 YEARS ON ORANUM... Available 3pm-12mid EST most days
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  •   swong74 4 órája

    Thank you for confirming what I did and said was the right thing and that the person now understands to never do that ever again.

  •   lalalalinda 1 napja

    She is truly excellent!!! She answered every question quickly and accurately. I knew what she was saying to be true. I highly recommend her!!!

  •   smileysunflower 2 napja

    Alycia gets right to the point and is so intuitive about every situation I came to her with. Even though I have had private sessions with her before I always get chills of how much she knows about the new things I come to her with. Her calming and warm demeanor is genuine and soothing. I have always had meaningful private sessions with her. -Smiley

  •   cambinese 4 napja

    Thank you Alycia for the quick reading! I really value your guidance to help me figure out my life situations <3

  •   Fallynn 4 napja

    Thank you for your insight.

  •   rose423 9 napja

    Very nice. Kind spirit

  •   kkbinid 9 napja

    Such a pleasant person. Doesn't waste time. NICE reading and I believe spot on.

  •   savinap 9 napja

    She was very spot on and fast in her reading. I will definitely be back.

  •   smileysunflower 17 napja

    Alycia is very gifted. She knew about the background of my job interview before I even explained it to her. Every private session is worth it because she is straight to the point and treats you with respect regardless of your situation. She is the only psychic that has always been spot on with me. She is the biggest sweetheart but lets you know what's up ~ Smiley

  •   sdgirl337 18 napja

    Alycia is always spot on with my reading which is why I return to her for sound advice and will again.

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