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Heera123 | Oranum
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Care4u :) Born-Gifted psychic, energy worker or channeler and healer. I have worked on Oranum since 2012. Tried tested. My abilities: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Empath. I am a love, relationship and career expert. Benefits: answers, decision, unconfusion, guidance, clarity and prediction. My style: straight forward. Authentic readings!
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  •   Floridalady1 2 napja

    Thank you for the reading I wish we had more time.

  •   ginla23 5 napja

    Just had another reading with Heera123. She does get to the point, but in a way that is positive and she continues to encourage me to do better. With the basic reading she did for me , it all looks good. I will see what happens :)

  •   sweettweety 10 napja

    She is really good in giving predictions

  •   DiscernedSpirit 12 napja

    very intuitive

  •   natesquivel 16 napja

    I love her!!

  •   ginla23 18 napja

    Just had reading with psychicheera. She always has positivity in her readings and gives me hope that things will be ok. I should not worry so much. I am looking forward to starting something new. Will consult soon.

  •   leti98 19 napja

    I have been a client of Heera for a few years, I love her honesty and positive energy, words fail to express how much she has done for me from a personal level! I will continue returning and hope that everyone does a reading so that they too can find some clarity and positivity in their lives if they are lacking in it!!

  •   endymion82000 23 napja

    I like Heera's straightforwardness. She also provides clarity on my thoughts and guide them to allow me to break free from negativity and live with hope. Thank you!

  •   Sabrenemarie 1 hónapja

    Everything Was so accurate ! enjoyed my reading a lot ! gave me clarity ! thanks Heera x

  •   ginla23 1 hónapja

    Just had an updated reading with Heera. Once again, she was insightful and told me all of these wonderful things that are going to happen within the next few weeks. I just need to not worry so much. Will follow up soon. :)

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