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preciousnicole | Oranum
36 voti
I am an intuitive Tarot card reader, an Empath, and a Medium. I will help guide and serve you by answering questions and being honest. I love being able to talk to people and make the world a better place. (4.99)
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  •   hkl8726b 8 giorni fa

    I get so excited to see her come online so I can get a reading with her! She connects so quickly and everything has been very accurate and has come to pass. Another great reading today and I'm excited to see it happen!

  •   preciousnicole 7 giorni fa

    Aww you made my day hun! I get excited when you come online as well and we are able to catch up. Thank you so much xoxo :)

  •   garace123 25 giorni fa

    She is extremely gifted.

  •   preciousnicole 25 giorni fa

    Thank you hun! I am so glad we were able to catch up ❤️

  •   aangelikaa 28 giorni fa

    She's really nice and accurate :) I recommend her !

  •   preciousnicole 28 giorni fa

    Thank you honey! I appreciate you :)

  •   StarrVision 3 mesi fa

    Great reading!! Thank you..

  •   preciousnicole 3 mesi fa

    Anytime hun! Blessings

  •   garace123 5 mesi fa

    Thank you so much hun.

  •   preciousnicole 5 mesi fa

    No problem love, we will catch up soon. :)

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