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Welcome ! I am Tozororion99, a practicing shaman and psychic for over 20 years. My abilities are in the areas of healing and restoring energy, your animal totems and power animal, finding lost articles and people. My ability to read your issue and bring desired direction and clarity with or without tools. Come let my energy ignite your potential!
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  •   SolAngel1 2 giorni fa

    really quick, spot on and accurate

  •   cazk0303 2 giorni fa

    Thank you Toz for being such a mentor and healer...I appreciate you so very much. Many blessings to you. You're one of a kind!

  •   myeyesea 13 giorni fa

    thank you you are a 5 star reader

  •   fountain2017 22 giorni fa

    that you very much for everything. Especially for the cleansing. All the best to you.

  •   myeyesea 23 giorni fa

    thank you too 5 star reader

  •   myeyesea 25 giorni fa

    thank you tozororion you are a 5 star reader

  •   myeyesea 26 giorni fa

    thank you 5 star reader

  •   leoaxandrose 1 mese fa

    Wow! I like the vibe of this person. Apart from that, it's like he's speaking to me as if he's known a lot about me. Looking forward to talk to him again. Thank you!

  •   fresiaflower 1 mese fa

    I am fortunate to have Tozor in my life, and he is always there for me to give insights to my life and how to proceed. He has a wonderfull way to give me an overview of my situation, so I can find my way and move on in my spirituel journey and develop from there through our conversation. He is a true guide and a dear beautiful soul, that I treasure!

  •   ItsSunShineLove 1 mese fa

    Thank you so much for the insight. You can great communication and is very genuine. I will someday get a bigger package for you.

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