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LadyMaria | Oranum
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Do you have any questions about love, relationship or family? I will tell you the truth straight forward. Don't hesitate. I am here for an answer. I was born as a healer, I am an intuitive person, empath. I read gypsy tarot and read pendulum as well. I do reiki by distance with cam, picture or name.
  • Italiaans, Spaans

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  •   leoclt27 20 dagen geleden

    I felt like she was right. I'm ready to take the steps towards what she saw and I want to be confident in pursuing my dream job.

  •   blackcat4 27 dagen geleden

    she was on point. She is a real psychic.. :)

  •   sunnysideup3776 1 maand geleden

    WOW! her energy is amazing. She was very accurate!!!

  •   karilur 1 maand geleden

    Great psychic and great advice. Thank you Lady Maria!!!!!

  •   exodusinhibitous 3 maanden geleden

    fast connection, on the spot

  •   sunnysideup3776 4 maanden geleden

    fantastic reading! truly adore her, extremely accurate.

  •   stickyfingers 5 maanden geleden

    Beautiful soul with so much vision and honesty. Accurate and loving

  •   truelove4us 6 maanden geleden

    Maria Maria !

  •   anirakmargary 7 maanden geleden

    gracias siempre, me quitas la intranquilidad!!!

  •   sunshine1234 7 maanden geleden

    thank you so much

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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