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Lotti26 | Oranum
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Welcome on my page.My name is Lotti.I am original traveller and musician gypsy girl.The knowledge is in our blood.My grandmother is very famous witch in my country.Our spirit is very strong because of gypsy culture.We work for: Circus, televison ,famous people and private people.If you are ready come with me.Let's check your future! Don't be hesitate.I am ready.

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  •   sunnysideup3776 18 dagen geleden

    Amazing reading!!!!!!!!!

  •   davelin 1 maand geleden

    is good reader, sees many things

  •   chelseycab 1 maand geleden

    Thank you, Lotti for the amazing messages. You were very spot on with every emotion I was feeling. You have such a kind and gentle way of delivering your messages. You're laugh is adorable and you speak the truth in the best way possible. Gracias bonita!! Thank you for bringing me closure and contentment.

  •   propolis2014 2 maanden geleden

    Perfect, the best, kind and professional:)

  •   Lotti26 2 maanden geleden

    Thanks your comment dear!Don't forget your happiness.Your dreams come true soon. I believe in you!

  •   Papagin 2 maanden geleden

    Very, very on point. Direct and honest :)

  •   Lotti26 2 maanden geleden

    I'm really glad to meet you. I was very happy to work for you.Thank you for your opinion.I wish you all the best!
    Take care !



U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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