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13fireraven | Oranum
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I am disciplined in reading energy with accuracy. Require no tools in private, am direct and speak only truths to your queries.
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  •   sweetbunny6 3 dagen geleden

    She is very special to me :) Beautiful fireraven has a lot of knowledge, please just listen her you will know. Thank you so much and blessings, many hugsss :) xoxo

  •   sweetbunny6 4 dagen geleden

    Excellent as always! I trust her guidance. Thank you so much and Blessings :) xoxo

  •   lizwhitehouse 5 dagen geleden

    thank you. I needed this.

  •   oceansideblu 6 dagen geleden

    I really felt a connection with FireRaven awesome reader and I will be back!!n=)

  •   sweetbunny6 10 dagen geleden

    I grow more and more from each session . She is super accurate! I am not joking her energy work really works. Thank you for the beautiful poem too, many blessings :) xoxo

  •   RacheelMarie 10 dagen geleden

    She is so AMAZING and so sweet is very honest in what she feels and sees!Shes very welcoming and fun!I love her energy!!:)

  •   sweetbunny6 11 dagen geleden

    She goes deep inside and gives you answers. Not just yes or no, she has a lot of wisdom and compassion :) Of course, I love her energy work! I can feel it right away. She can do energy work while she is talking to you. Thank you sooo much and many blessings :) xoxo

  •   lizwhitehouse 14 dagen geleden

    thank you as always its what I needed

  •   sweetbunny6 15 dagen geleden

    Amazing! She truly can track down the source of the spell and can remove it, her energy work is amazing. She also can scan your body. Very powerful and loving person :) Thank youuuu and many blessings xoxo

  •   mich221 16 dagen geleden

    thanks again fireraven always on my side :)

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).