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crystalpowers | Oranum
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3rd Generation Psychic/Spiritual Consultant/Clairvoyant. Over 35 years of experience provided clear solid guidance. No judgment here, a comfort most thrive on with me, your personable gentle confidant. Very succinct in connecting the dots NOTE: You will usually find me online 10pm, til 2am, (sometimes earlier or later depending), I also check in periodically throughout the day
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  •   theodorab 1 dag geleden

    thank you so much for the info

  •   iHuman 3 dagen geleden

    Thanks crystal for honest reading and being to the point, really appreciate your being so open and direct with me. please do keep in ur thoughts and prayers.

  •   DeeJay21 3 dagen geleden

    thank you so much given me some good points and now to soul search

  •   mudmagic 24 dagen geleden

    Loved it. Clear, direct and not just telling me what i wanted to hear. There was specifics where they could be given but not just for show. Very honest and authentic and i love the sound of your voice. Much love xxxxx

  •   anirakmargary 2 maanden geleden

    Thank u so much! <3 blessings

  •   Katdream 2 maanden geleden

    She is spot on! And wonderful to speak with.

  •   rose423 2 maanden geleden

    Very nice but honest at the same time. I appreciate her.

  •   akengi1 2 maanden geleden

    You are awesome!!! <3 Would come back for more..!! <3

  •   dimples67 2 maanden geleden

    Thank you and you were so right about everything and will come back and see you again

  •   Katdream 3 maanden geleden

    Absolute spot on! Wonderful read. I will be back!

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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