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nourevoyance | Oranum
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Je suis medium pur et Spirit, je suis Astrologue Numérologue Voyant Cartomancien Tarologue Coach . My name is Nour, which means "light". This light belongs to the North of Africa. Italy and the Medeterranian sea. It is the secret of a strong presence, deep inside of my soul which had defined me as a pure psychic since I was eleven years old.
  • Engels, Frans, Italiaans

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  •   Jizzlin 6 dagen geleden

    He is fantastic reader. Always on point and knows what I am going through

  •   Your Support Team 15 dagen geleden

    Your Support Team wenst je een hele fijne verjaardag!

  •   star52484 19 dagen geleden

    great reading!

  •   cucky28 20 dagen geleden

    The BEST reader on here!!!!!

  •   angel8819 20 dagen geleden

    very good reading

  •   cucky28 27 dagen geleden

    THE BEST!!!!

  •   lizwhitehouse 30 dagen geleden

    thank you I understand what is going on now.

  •   cmlenzo 1 maand geleden

    he is wonderful and is clear about everything in the cards

  •   cucky28 1 maand geleden

    I dont know any other reader on Oranum who is able to be so on the spot! Whenever Im down he tells me the situation as it is - when ever I´m happy he tells me as it it - he stays to his words! I feel so much love for Nour

  •   StarrVision 1 maand geleden

    Noure, thank you for a very informative, detailed reading.

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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