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karael | Oranum
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Dear friend. in general I work with tarot. clairvoyance. Oracles. NLP Topics. I am a Reiki Master. Therapies with angelic symbols......You can ask me about: Love. Travels. Job. Business. Career. Friendships. marriage. Family. Secret enemies. Protection prayers. Mantras Meditations ......ask me 3 things related to your past so you will be much more sure that you use your credits correctly.
  • Italiaans, Spaans

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  •   vivife 20 dagen geleden

    Always great. Honest, will tell you the truth.

  •   vivivivi 29 dagen geleden

    So genuine and sweet and really cares about your reading to help you.

  •   adlers74 3 maanden geleden

    Karael was AMAZING!!! I'm so happy I selected him today, and meant to read with him last night but was too tired :). However, today he has made my day. Karael picked up on my situation and person of interest with such great accuracy he left me in awe. I love his energy, professionalism and he's so nice! Thank you, and until next time :)!

  •   mariajodie 4 maanden geleden

    thank-you for your reading

  •   zia2018 4 maanden geleden

    Karael is very good with his readings.. he can see what I didnt tell him..

  •   starlove25 5 maanden geleden


  •   zazagirly222 5 maanden geleden

    very good reader.

  •   wajeeha79 6 maanden geleden

    karael you are right every time i come to you , you are really very accurate thank you alot love u

  •   Wondering6 10 maanden geleden

    Very good reader. He is fast. 5 stars

  •   miraclelad 10 maanden geleden

    Great, very good!

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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