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CCLynn | Oranum
I am a 5th Generation Psychic, Medium, Spell Caster, using cards, energy, spirits, and angels. I will help guide and serve you. I project into the future to see what is coming for you and to help you gain a better understanding of where your path may be heading. I am a highly experienced psychic in Love and relationships.
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  •   Athanasoula  20 uur geleden

    Spot on with everything!

  •   aquadivinewaters  13 dagen geleden

    Amazing CC as always!!! Love ya xx

  •   MyBeloved  15 dagen geleden

    My 1st reading with CC. I hope she was right about what she shared. She is a lot of fun and wants us (me) to not only follow our spiritual path but also do what is best for ourselves in a healthy way. I can;t ask for more than that. I may not know the destination and conclusion but what matters to me most I know.

  •   LL1971  19 dagen geleden

    Spot on CC!!!! We need a solution to this man. lolol Great reading you saw it all. Will be back.

  •   WinkyFace4U  24 dagen geleden

    ty for connecting and checking my situation,

  •   rosieKate  25 dagen geleden

    wow thanks you the great reading u have put my mind to rest about a few bit when I said about his job what I did say is he is serving in the airforce many thanks again xx

  •   aquadivinewaters  1 maand geleden


  •   aquadivinewaters  3 maanden geleden

    You the Best CC. Thank you. West Coast Baby xx

  •   heavensangel242  3 maanden geleden

    CC and i had never read b4 in private and I was hesitant but I liked she didnt use cards and watching her answer her fans messages they had rave reviews. she answered my question about my love and i need to open my heart and let my guard down with him. many thanks i'll let you know what happens

  •   Gina3131  4 maanden geleden

    Great psychic and advice. Love her!

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U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).