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VisionaryGu | Oranum
315 priser
Top Rated! 20+ years experience, over 40K readings & 6 years on Oranum. Clairvoyant, Clairsentient. Born Gifted. Tarot expert,Rune,Lenormand, IChing,Dowser, numerology, Pendulum, Reiki Master, Relationship Coach.Reconciliation, relationships,Love life/Career/Finance/Court Case. Soul mates/Twin flame confirmation. Guidance /Time frame for predictions.No Sugar Coat no false hope. Only reveal Truth.
  • Engelsk, Kinesisk

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  •   KayTbae 5 dager siden

    Great reading!!! So so friendly and understanding!! She was on point. Thank you!

  •   LuckyStar1111 10 dager siden

    Best Clairvoyant/Psychic. My go to! <3 you GU!

  •   LuckyStar1111 11 dager siden

    BEST CLAIREVOYANT/PSYCHIC ON THIS PLATFORM! I am so thankful for Gu!!!!!! <3 much LOVE & LIGHT!!

  •   devani1008 13 dager siden

    I have visited Gu for 1.5 years on a fairly consistent basis. I know she is going to tell me the absolute honesty, and not sugarcoat, and that is why I can trust her when she tells me something good. She is always right, even when I am worried. She also has AMAZING timelines which is not true of all psychics. You will get some important information from her.

  •   GWS2019 16 dager siden

    great reading!

  •   ph091988 2 måneder siden

    She is an amazing woman! Gave me such great advice and was so accurate in her readings! recommend for anyone! Will definitely come back. Thank you!

  •   summerbreeze888 2 måneder siden

    I recommend VG to all! She is spot on and can help you more than you even know! Beautiful lady and spirit.

  •   Annabajones 3 måneder siden

    Awesome connection . Looking forward to her predictions. Truthful and totally honest. Very easy to talk with.. :-) Thank you Gu..

  •   nessaa89 3 måneder siden

    thank u so much <3 10/10

  •   cambinese 4 måneder siden

    GuGu is always a great person who always says the straight up truth no matter how good or bad the results may be. I always trust her with my life and future and she is the best reader out there! She also cares so much and wants the best for everyone at the same time.

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Du har nådd maksimal lengde på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

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