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psychickay | Oranum
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Time Frame Queen. I have been on Oranum for over 7 years.
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  •   reallove522 19 timer siden


  •   Rebecca032482 1 dag siden

    Always a pleasure speaking with Kay - she gets to the point immediately. She gives me hope, always.

  •   heavensangel242 3 dager siden

    as always amazing and ty for my anxiety in check about job and love. the best!

  •   lovelyaansh 12 dager siden

    kay is an excellent psychic as usual
    many predictions come true recently.

  •   Rebecca032482 14 dager siden

    Kay has a way of getting straight to the point. I've been speaking with her since early 2019. Her readings are always consistent. Kay's predicted my divorce going through, - fact! ; a change of house - it will (I'm working crazily on it), about my son - she's spot on. And now I'm waiting patiently for her prediction on love - I trust her. There are angles, you'll feel them with Kay too.

  •   greentoe 14 dager siden

    amazing psychic! told me exactly when i would see my cat that went missing. gave me lots of peace of mind.

  •   jennylsk 15 dager siden

    Kay said travelling move in the next 4 days and indeed it happened and unplanned. She is incredible!

  •   lovelyaansh 17 dager siden

    'kay was right., she kept asking me about if the classes were already started, me being unaware, mentioned no. i later checked in the schedu

  •   StarrVision 21 dager siden

    Kay, thank you for another very informative and detailed reading with accuracy. You are the bomb!

  •   PurpleStone67 21 dager siden

    anything she says happens.....and her time frames.....amazing. If she tells you a message in two days, you will get a message in two days!

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Du har nådd maksimal lengde på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

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