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TheHiddenDragon's Sciana




Osiągnąłeś/aś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

  •   1EyedPanda 13 minut temu

    Just mind blowing!!

  •   Gaby11 1 miesiąc temu

    He is amazing......bless his clarity

  •   GabrielOhl 1 miesiąc temu

    Amazing experience, have definitely gotten a lot of great insight which will help me make great changes in my life! Highly recommended!

  •   TheHiddenDragon 1 miesiąc temu

    A mineral is an arrangement of atoms in different shapes. Diamond, for example, is an arrangement of carbon atoms. Graphite in the tip of a pencil is carbon too, but arranged in a different structure....
    In layman's terms, you are built for a purpose, but its up to you to seek it

  •   Andromeda936 1 miesiąc temu

    simply WOW. detailed, light-hearted (i needed that more than anything) and completely SPOT-ON. highly recommend HiddenDragon intuitive Way



Osiągnąłeś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

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