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VisionaryGu's Sciana




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  •   Sneal411 1 dzień temu

    Awesome reading with much clarity.

  •   yannytran 7 dni temu

    Gu is such an amazing lady!! Always reassuring and that she will tell you the information whether it be good or bad! No sugarcoating involved as she does not waste your time! So much love for her xoxo!! Always helping with my love issues!

  •   cazk0303 7 dni temu

    Thank you so much Gu...I so appreciate you and your guidance tonight...Had a rough couple days, and you helped it all make sense. Such a gifted soul.

  •   GloWiz 13 dni temu

    It is sad that we couldn't finish. I'll get credits and contact you again. Thank you very much. Meanwhile, please continue to pray for me.

  •   andrealynn94 22 dni temu

    Very good. fast and extremely helpful. picked up on our connection

  •   CottonCandyV 22 dni temu

    She waste no time, and know exactly how to help. Guidance are simple and effective quickly. Thanks you for helping me love myself, GU! <3

  •   NaeNae75 28 dni temu

    So amazing! I can't wait to bring to fruition what Gu has predicted and suggested for a path!

  •   Angela2508 29 dni temu

    good, pretty quick

  •   NaeNae75 29 dni temu

    Gu has been my guiding light through a very difficult time in my life! I'm blessed to have her sent to me.

  •   joyful222 1 miesiąc temu

    always positive and giving hope in dark times. thank you gu

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Osiągnąłeś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

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