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Heera123 | Oranum
236 ocen
Care4u :) Born-Gifted psychic, energy worker or channeler and healer. I have worked on Oranum since 2012. Tried tested. My abilities: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Empath. I am a love, relationship and career expert. Benefits: answers, decision, unconfusion, guidance, clarity and prediction. My style: straight forward. Authentic readings!
  • Angielski

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  •   ginla23 2 dni temu

    Just had another readings with Heera. i enjoyed it and she tells me to keep the faith and stay positive.

  •   HeidiKristiina 4 dni temu

    She is amazing. Just amazing :)

  •   yannytran 5 dni temu

    Honestly Heera always knows how to reassure me and that her readings are always so helpful for me every time I come to a reading with her!! Thank you so much!!

  •   LuckyStar1111 9 dni temu

    thank you,

  •   ginla23 11 dni temu

    Just had a reading with Heera. She tells me keep the faith and have confidence, things are getting better. :)

  •   ginla23 23 dni temu

    Just had another reading with Heera. She still is consistent with time frames and that good things will happen very soon..Patience is key at the moment.

  •   natesquivel 26 dni temu

    She's amazing!

  •   ginla23 30 dni temu

    Just had a reading with Heera..she wants me to remain positive :)

  •   Floridalady1 1 miesiąc temu

    Thank you for the reading I wish we had more time.

  •   ginla23 1 miesiąc temu

    Just had another reading with Heera123. She does get to the point, but in a way that is positive and she continues to encourage me to do better. With the basic reading she did for me , it all looks good. I will see what happens :)

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Osiągnąłeś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

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