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NatalieHope4's Sciana




Osiągnąłeś/aś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

  •   NatalieHope4 14 dni temu

    Just had a wonderful reading! She wanted to know if things would be getting better in her work field and its a good thing she came to me because it isn't time to quit! Good things are ahead. She will not only be happier soon but get the respect that she deserves!

  •   millionheir 1 miesiąc temu

    She is the greatest! I feel like she really connected I cant wait to update her!

  •   NatalieHope4 3 lat temu

    Is he or she cheating? What are they thinking right now? Stop worrying and wondering . Get answers. I'm available for one last reading till break.



Osiągnąłeś maksymalną długość tej wiadomości (140 znaków).

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