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Seherezada82 | Oranum
51 taxas
WELCOME! YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT THE RIGHT PLACE! MY NAME IS SEHEREZÁDÉ AND IM HERE TO HELP YOU! Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I was different. I felt emotions that others did not and first correctly predicted a death at the tender age of 10. My natural gifts only grew stronger with time and in-depth study.I believe that we are in control of our own path and destiny .
  • Inglês, Espanhol, CHECO

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  •   Katiehornshaw1 6 dias atrás

    she is the best!!

  •   leti98 1 mês atrás

    I always come back to Monika because she always tells me what I need to hear, her predictions are spot on in reference to my issues, I understand free will and things can change, but so far she has been fairly accurate, I love her energy and will continue to return as she is the best on this site!

  •   Nilanthi 1 mês atrás

    hi Thank you very much for the reading . can I see again all the answer you sent to me

  •   debbiec0613 1 mês atrás

    Always so helpful. Thank you

  •   jthom52409 1 mês atrás

    even more interesting information was shared.

  •   jthom52409 2 meses atrás

    very, very honest and real

  •   nzstars 2 meses atrás

    thank you for telling me the truth

  •   ICarneiro 2 meses atrás

    very insightful

  •   MissNZ 2 meses atrás

    Wonderfu woman xxx Blessed to have seen you today!

  •   Ampily1 5 meses atrás

    she did accurately as always no sugar coated just the truth to be told and She is worth for your time cos you not gonna spend money for any lie and tricker here but this person she is the real deal and did just as it is just the truth you want and the clarify for things that unsure.

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Chegou ao limite desta mensagem (140 caracteres).

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