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If i am in members mode please message me. I am usually here but in a reading elsewhere. I will do cards for members who have added credits in the last 30 da. If you want a private reading please message first before clicking private. I am an intuitive reader, compassionate but direct. no sugar coating but i do understand hard news is sometimes difficult to hear. I am Jason & my partner is Miggin

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  •   sapphire4561 26 zile in urma

    It was a very different reading. He was spot on but there was talking in the background with his family so I didnt get the most out of the reading. Hopefully next time his family members wont be in the area when giving a reading.

  •   Aaliyah10294 1 luna in urma

    thankyou for your help i look forward to achieving my career and meeting my future children

  •   ASFASF26 2 luni in urma


  •   dimplesaxena 2 luni in urma

    Thanks for talking to me and please let me know the outcome after you do energy work. My email is

  •   ttyh5311985 7 luni in urma

    Really accurate and honest.

  •   janicecat85 9 luni in urma

    Sorry ran out of credits...but excellent first time reading. I will be back in the future.

  •   jpm321 9 luni in urma

    Great reading. Spot on and kind.

  •   MyBeloved 10 luni in urma

    Thank you Jason. You have helped me through a long and complicated journey. I have headed your advice. I think about the things you share and act upon them in the healthiest way I can figure out how to. You have been a big help to me. Thank you so much!

  •   FieldsOfGold 11 luni in urma

    Soooo connected to my energy, it was actually spooky! Everything he told me just happened the night before. I would HIGHLY recommend him!!!!

  •   marisa77 11 luni in urma

    Very accurate! Great reading, will deff speak with him again!

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