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  •   RockPsychic 6 zile in urma

    Schedule Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday 2pm - 12 Midnight Eastern (New York Time)

  •   junekay2013 9 zile in urma

    Amazing reading ... finally got to the point of things!! I know her reading will come true, it always does !

  •   RockPsychic 10 zile in urma

    RockPsychic is a Master Psychic with 30+ years of professional experience helping wonderful people from all over the world, including but not limited to:

    ✪ Actors, Musicians, Producers, Sports Athletes, Radio / TV Broadcasters, Comedians
    ✪ United States City and Federal-Government Organizations / Police Departments / Military
    ✪ Executive Officers of Fortune 500 Companies
    ✪ Industry Professionals with Health, Medical, Well-Being and Psychological Issues
    ✪ Provide Spiritual Guidance for Families and Love Relationships
    ✪ Provide Office, Business, Career, Educational Guidance

    RockPsychic is an energy reader. Not requiring the use of cards, tools or spirits to read you.

    Energy readings take 10 seconds to perceive your entire life to understand you, as if RockPsychic has known you since you were a small child. RockPsychic is also a time-shifter that is capable of perceiving yours or anyone else’s life on any date or time.

    RockPsychic is a trained and credentialed life, love and well-being coach. Helping you with matters of esteem, confidence and goal setting.

    RockPsychic is a dually ordained Reverend and Minister. As a spiritual mentor can help you with your life problems and guide you onto a stronger path while leaning on your spirituality to help you overcome your fears, doubts, to better cope with your life challenges.

    RockPsychic is also a Noetic-Healer. A noetic healer helps you to shift your perception to eliminate any internal conflicts in your mind-body connection for an overall and more balanced state of well-being.

    RockPsychic is a teacher of the psychic-arts.

    RockPsychic specializes in happiness, health, abundance, love, timelines, intentions, motives and outcomes.

    Energy Reading Menu

    What you need to know!
    Time shifting (perception of your entire life with timelines)
    Feng-shui, home balance energy
    Emotions, perceptions
    Dream interpretation
    Qi sleep disturbances
    Chakra readings
    Gemstone / mineral energy matching readings
    Teeth reading
    Spine reading
    Relationship energy combination
    Past lives
    Multiverse (your dobbelganger, who they are?)
    Life purpose
    Animal communication
    Medical intuitive
    Understanding life lessons
    Abundance and prosperity blocks
    Career, education and success
    Understanding, friends, family and lovers
    Intentions, motives, outcomes
    Love compatibility
    Soul mates / twin flame
    View of self
    Others view of you
    Karma and dharma
    Yin energy / productivity
    Akashic records

    Guidance Menu

    Spiritual mentoring for support during your transitional times
    Life coaching to improve esteem, confidence and meeting goals
    Enlightenment training
    Adjustment to new situations
    Emotional healing
    Reality tampering
    Breaking patterns causing unhappiness
    Problem solving
    Cord disconnections and attachments
    Inspiration and empowerment
    Personal potential
    Shifting perception
    Faith and belief
    Life mastery training
    Psychic mentoring, teaching and development
    Releasing power and control
    Life / Love / Well-Being coaching (helping with goals, esteem & confidence)
    Spiritual mentoring (supporting you with life problems)
    Noetic healing (Shifting your perception to affect mind-body connection to create well-being)
    Meditative techniques
    Teaching psychic development
    Learning tarot and divination
    Exercising natural intuition

  •   RockPsychic 10 zile in urma

    Card Reading - deck menu

    Illuminati tarot
    Power thought affirmation cards
    Wisdom of the hidden realms oracle
    Oracle E
    Ascended masters oracle
    Energy oracle
    Self care cards
    Astrological oracle
    Healing cards
    The science of mind wisdom cards
    The fifth agreement wisdom cards
    Angel tarot cards
    Ascension cards
    Archangel power tarot
    Guilded tarot
    Archangel oracle cards
    Healing with the angels cards
    Ask your guides oracle
    Angel therapy oracle
    Saints and angels oracle
    The power wisdom cards
    Karma cards
    Thoth tarot
    Verdic astrology deck
    The oracle Rama cards
    Mandala astrological tarot
    The souls journey lesson cards
    Enchanted map oracle
    Isis oracle
    Magical messages from fairies oracle
    The law of attraction cards
    Psychic tarot of the heart oracle
    Gateway oracle
    Tarot of the cat people
    Fractal oracle
    Mystical cat tarot
    One world tarot
    Terrestrial tarot
    Dragon tarot
    Animal solutions oracle
    Goddess guidance oracle
    Anatomy medical intuitive cards
    Book of answers
    The love tarot
    Past life oracle
    Law of attraction training

    Reference readings menu

    Astrology - relocation readings
    Bible wisdom reading
    Hidden truth of your name
    Your birthday, stars and numbers affecting your life

    Divination tool reading menu

    Baoding balls
    Crystal ball
    Obsidian scrying mirror
    Pyrite ball or cube
    Plasma ball
    Lava lamp

  •   RockPsychic 10 zile in urma

    Schedule Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday 2pm - 12 Midnight Eastern (New York Time)

  •   dave123456 13 zile in urma

    I was shocked that she ne wI was feeling Energy in my stocmick are wow very profesional right to th epoint great learning tool I Recomond you to chat she is the real Deal

  •   NeonGenie 15 zile in urma

    Great energy reader and I appreciate her honesty and forth coming with all her insight. I loved the past life reading too!! Greatness all around!!!

  •   Spendstomuch 15 zile in urma

    Great past life reader! Energy worker and beautiful person! Thank you so much! Many Blessings

  •   RockPsychic 17 zile in urma

    I will be online and available for readings Saturday, March 3, 12pm-12am // Sunday, March 4, 2018 12pm-12am // Monday, March 5 12pm-12am

  •   sunshinelove22 22 zile in urma

    The best reading I have had in Oranum.
    Highly recommend.

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