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Gisela27 | Oranum
31 evaluări
Hallo, ich arbeite mit verschiedenen Kartendecks, meiner Hellsicht, Energie Arbeit, Blockaden Auflösung, Coaching, Heilsteine, Liebes-Rituale uvm..... Hello, i work with various card decks, my clairvoyance, energy work, blockade resolution, coaching, healing stones, love rituals and much more....
  • Engleza, Germana

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  •   hkl8726b 2 zile in urma

    What a great reading!! She is such a kind soul :)

  •   cucky28 6 zile in urma

    As always a dear reader - she stays to her predictions and they are now coming to pass!
    Great reader and very empathic person!

  •   kysa00 7 zile in urma

    Very patient and kind reader. Gisela has helped me through a very hard time.

  •   GentlBruja88 11 zile in urma

    in so short time, so many clear information.. I am so impressed of Gisela, you are absolutely the best .. dankeeeee dk

  •   Ria1960 16 zile in urma

    Gisela is amazing, quick to the point and exact predictions. What a blessing!!!

  •   tubasen 18 zile in urma

    hi Gisela

  •   GentlBruja88 23 zile in urma

    Gisela you merit more than 5 stars.. vielen Dank fuer alles, du bis die Beste , kussiii

  •   Rii_Rii_chan 26 zile in urma

    sorry for the short reading
    but thank you so much ♥

  •   abysmile 26 zile in urma

    I love her! always to the point. doesnt need background. doesnt ask for birthdays or other demographic details...

  •   GentlBruja88 1 luna in urma

    dankeeee dir fuer alles und deine geduld, kussi bist die besteee

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Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).