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Stephane1971 | Oranum
4 evaluări
My first specialty is I am an Empath, I TUNE into someone feeling (meaning, I will tell you exactly how he/she feel s about you, if it is real love or just attraction, is he looking for a short relation or for a long term relation … ? ) I AM THE LOVE EXPERT
  • Engleza, Franceza

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  •   leonelvitorino 17 zile in urma

    cool talk, fast and real advice :)

  •   debbiec0613 27 zile in urma

    thank you Stephane - you were always a pleasure and sincere. My computer froze & could not leave feedback, but your are awesome xxx

  •   Vivi15 1 luna in urma

    hello are you going to be online today? what time?



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