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AngelikaArkey | Oranum
22 evaluări
Guided visions, seeking the clarity & journey of yourself via clear transmissions. Angelika Arkey the seer oracle Avatar & Artista assisting you in ultimate transformations. Clear precise direction, elemental mood & designing your presence for feelings, manifesto & ideals. This entails a reflective journey of self-discovery in terms of your directives, realize yourself authentically via advice.
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  •   LifeFitness 7 zile in urma

    Thanks so much for you insightful reading

  •   Martini002 16 zile in urma

    OMG she is amazing..she wold blow ur mind and read everything like a deep detailed book! sorry we got cut off! Thanku so so much i appreciate ur help and very grateful to have found you xo

  •   verynice 21 zile in urma

    Great Reading. SO happy with her knowledge.

  •   champion2014 25 zile in urma

    AngelikaArkey, thank you for chatting with me !

  •   verynice 25 zile in urma

    Very accurate and great pricing

  •   verynice 27 zile in urma

    Great Reading, Fantastic ,



Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).

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