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Angela | Oranum
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I'm Angela. I am a tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual advisor, medium, reiki coach. I am here to help with love and relationships, soulmates, twinflames, ascension, relationship abuse and trauma, soul mission and career guidance. I give detailed natal astrology chart readings as well as partner compatibility readings. I also help with spiritual issues such as deceased relatives, ghosts, entities.

Nástenka Angela




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  •   jennifer1103 pred 13 dňami

    She's amazing!! She's 100% right on with everything. thank you again!!

  •   cerrce781987 pred 1 mesiacom

    She hit the nail on the head!!!! Will definitely be doing more work with her. WOW

  •   thisjourney pred 1 mesiacom

    Angela is right on in reading charts-- it's spooky how accurate she is!

  •   Aaliyah10294 pred 3 mesiacmi

    Thankyou for this great reading :)

  •   CookieJan pred 3 mesiacmi

    Very good person and astrologer.

  •   kjohn777 pred 4 mesiacmi

    Very pleasant lady. Great company and accurate reading...!

  •   mmckinnon26 pred 5 mesiacmi

    amazing! always very insightful!

  •   CookieJan pred 6 mesiacmi

    Very good astrologer and reader. Excellent!

  •   jimparksIII pred 7 mesiacmi

    wow she was spot on and there was a lot i did not tell her and she picked up everything

  •   thisjourney pred 7 mesiacmi

    Angela is so warm and was very helpful and gave amazing advice.

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