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LadyMaria | Oranum
116 rates
Do you have any questions about love, relationship or family? I will tell you the truth straight forward. Don't hesitate. I am here for an answer. I was born as a healer, I am an intuitive person, empath. I read gypsy tarot and read pendulum as well. I do reiki by distance with cam, picture or name.
  • Anglicky, Italsky, Španielsky

Nástenka LadyMaria




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  •   clarity711 pred 1 mesiacom

    Always a great read!

  •   clarity711 pred 2 mesiacmi

    Love her readings, very clear and concise!

  •   torr1047 pred 3 mesiacmi

    Connected so well and made me feel much more at ease. She was spot on with everything and i'm hoping everything turns out well.

  •   zazagirly222 pred 6 mesiacmi

    Have many readings with LadyMaria, very honest accurate no sugar coating. Very serious in her reading and help you to see the situation well. TY

  •   empy05 pred 7 mesiacmi

    I enjoyed the reading very much! Thank you for the solid insight!

  •   clarity711 pred 8 mesiacmi

    Awesome reading, confirmed what I already knew.

  •   auetereka23 pred 9 mesiacmi

    she was amazing she was accurate with my questions .
    really enjoyed my reading
    thank you so much xx

  •   Majesty123 pred 11 mesiacmi

    Very good reading. I enjoyed it thank you

  •   beanie23 pred 11 mesiacmi

    Very kind, patient, and sees my situation very clearly! Thank you for that session. I feel at peace and everything was explained thoroughly. Keeping positive<3

  •   truelove4us pred 11 mesiacmi


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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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