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OracleSatine | Oranum
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2.99/minute Tarot Reader, Medium, Psychic, I have over 6 years experience. I am Clairvoyant and an empath. When you take me private I will begin reading the tarot to get an overall view on your energy and open communication with your guides. also request healing, meditation, predictions for private. I DO NOT Predict in Free Chat. Free Chat is to get to know me and my process. Blessings
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  •   niceday pred 4 mesiacmi

    very helpful and truthful
    thank you
    good honest reading

  •   joannesad pred 6 mesiacmi

    very nice talking to you... :) so friendly and helpful~

  •   ksonic pred 8 mesiacmi

    the best!

  •   arod123 pred 9 mesiacmi

    she was spot on! i would recommend her to anyone!

  •   OracleSatine pred 9 mesiacmi

    Thank You for the feedback I really appreciate it! Blessings, I'm glad I could help. :)

  •   OracleSatine pred 10 mesiacmi

    My Schedule is 12:00pm -3:30pm EST. I do make appointments for other times by request so please do message me.



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