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SarafinaPsychic | Oranum
41 rates
I'm Sarafina, My per minute rate is 4.49. My Psychic ability is to See, Feel and sometimes Hear how people are feeling for you in this life and beyond. I can connect with your future events and help remove barriers from your life. I have natural psychic ability, I don't use tools. I rely on my connection to Universal God-force Energy. I am fast, accurate, clear and helpful.
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  •   starfish57 pred 5 dňami

    Thank you for a great reading with informative suggestions. I look forward to her predictions coming true.

  •   gulfgirl6009 pred 12 dňami

    She is just fabulous. Very accurate and is able to grasp the situation.

  •   Your Support Team pred 18 dňami

    Your Support Team Vám praje šťastné narodeniny!

  •   garace123 pred 20 dňami

    Thank you for the advice :-)

  •   lammonator pred 21 dňami

    Awesome reading! I always feel understood and seen, remarkable intuition.

  •   napastim pred 1 mesiacom

    Great lady direct

  •   suzesaraf8 pred 1 mesiacom

    Sarafina is the best. She gave me at readiing 6 months ago I did not want to receive. She was spot on. Again tonight, from love, to me, to my career. SPOT ON> very smooth and strong communicator. Graceful yet grounded. Very accurate. Do it for yourself., I'm so glad I did.
    Thanks SarafinaPsychic. Suze

  •   LaLeonaChingona pred 1 mesiacom

    fantastic...thank you

  •   leadcrow pred 2 mesiacmi

    Thank you very much!

  •   MalpASU pred 2 mesiacmi

    Love having time to listen to her talk and give guidance on anything in general.

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