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marina5 | Oranum
82 rates
I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. I'm clairvoyant, a medium, a channeler, empathic, intuitve, and reiki healer. In private readings I connect with your energy. My foundation is God. I'm truly blessed and guided. I love having fun in free chat. I get to know each and everyone of you. I enjoy giving guidance, answering questions on general topics especially Twin Flames.
  • Anglicky, Španielsky

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  •   Vitalie pred 1 dňom

    Marina5 Truly gifted, light, warm, kind, caring. She shares messages and insights connected with higher sources. She maintains focus on guiding you to understand, identify, and remove blocks which separate you from being your essential, authentic, whole, healed self, to re-remember your shining and potential for being of service, to share your own unique gifts in life. Light and blessings!

  •   Vitalie pred 23 dňami

    Marina is consistently present. She assembles reality from a mature, heart centred level. This enables her to use her authentic sentient gifts to stay focused on supporting, listening. She challenges self undermining beliefs and guides to reframe judgements. With healthy and loving perspective she promotes all in service of reclaiming joy and gratitude for the gifts of life and learning.

  •   Vitalie pred 26 dňami

    Marina is a treasure. Her level of heart centred kindness is of a rare calibre. Her sage counsel based upon her genuine intuitive gifts guides and helps you to remember to always return to being you, in all your naturalness and capacity for self healing in the light, and discovering your own power. Many Blessings.

  •   itsuramo pred 2 mesiacmi

    She's great! Very positive and she doesn't use tools! She's straightforward. You won't regret having a reading with her.

  •   Clarityclear pred 2 mesiacmi

    She's an amazing individual with an authentic talent

  •   Vitalie pred 3 mesiacmi

    Through her authentic caring and uplifting attitude and perspective, Marina 5 elevates and speaks to the Higher Self, to remember the goodness and light of our true potential as Sacred Humans . She supports learning together through compassion. So grateful for her kindness.

  •   AnaForero pred 4 mesiacmi

    Great! she connects fast and needs almost no info! truly gifted, worth the time and money :)

  •   angelbabyx1231 pred 6 mesiacmi

    everything you said happened...thanks Marina! lol

  •   VincentX pred 6 mesiacmi

    Very good reading, very sensitive and intuitive. Very helpful. Amazing insights!

  •   JayAngel pred 6 mesiacmi

    I've been seeing Marina for a while to get a readings from her are the most helpful

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