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Insight2Ligh | Oranum
Welcome Friends! I am a Psychic Medium with over twenty years of experience. My rate is $2.49 per minute. After a near death experience, my gifts were heightened. I do not use tools in Private readings.Everyone is welcome!
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  •   tenderlove  pred 2 dňami

    thanks :)

  •   Drohem  pred 3 dňami

    Wow! Just wow! What an incredible spirit. She is in tune and gives such loving and caring advice. One of the best readings I've had here on this site! No joke.

  •   brilovespandas  pred 3 dňami

    Such an amazing person, wonderful reader, a joy to chat with him, connects so well, and gives great advice, thank you always Mitch!

  •   Tiffanyperdomo  pred 5 dňami

    I dont know what I would ever do with out Mitch!!!! xoxoxo
    He guides me so much!!! He is such an amazing soul!!! and my God sent angel on earth! xoxo

  •   mich221  pred 5 dňami

    Awesome thank you Mitch

  •   brilovespandas  pred 6 dňami

    Amazing person and reader~ Always a joy to chat with him, very great at giving advice and connecting.

  •   MyBeloved  pred 7 dňami

    Thank you for helping me though this trying time. XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOX

  •   MyBeloved  pred 12 dňami

    Thank you so very much! I know I threw a lot of topics at you but you were able to address them all which was happening anyway. I just got to dig a little deeper. Funny how I ended up in private with you. LOLOLOLOL God wanted me there!

  •   brilovespandas  pred 13 dňami

    Just an amazing, and great reader, really enjoy readings with him, great energy and awesome personality, thank you as always Mitch!

  •   bibi123  pred 13 dňami

    Great uplifting times; I am so happy to come here and find insight. What he predicted came true and there's more to come. I definitely ill come back again

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