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Janinewolf | Oranum
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I am a tarot card reader, life coach, empath, spiritual teacher and healer, universal servant of humanity and energy transmitter. Can help you with small to big issues, guidance and imputes for decisions in love and relationship, job and career, business and finances, home and family, personal and spiritual coaching, crisis management. My readings are a combination of Tarot, coaching and healing.
  • Anglicky, Nemecky

Nástenka Janinewolf




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  •   stavrosnyc pred 5 dňami

    awesome clear gentle and kind guidance and support. great reading

  •   davelin pred 1 mesiacom

    very good reading, always someone to trust and connect with

  •   Alienstar pred 1 mesiacom

    Janine is excellent, she comes quickly to the point. It is amazing.

  •   Angela2508 pred 4 mesiacmi

    Great reading! Thank you so much!

  •   Vitalie pred 4 mesiacmi

    A truly beautiful, authentic, healer of highest service to Others. Janinewolf listens, heart centred, offering accurate intuitive insight, guidance, teachings for healing, based upon integrated wisdom rooted in her life experience. Unique to your individual circumstance, she gently, without judgement, reflects how to remember and reclaim your inner stillness, Grace and Power to shine again.

  •   Chellie08 pred 5 mesiacmi

    thank you I'm sorry I ran out of credits
    but you were very helpful

  •   Miradontknwwhat pred 6 mesiacmi

    thank you for the advise

  •   miasha pred 6 mesiacmi

    Thank you! I wish I had more time but I will be back when I can add time. You were very helpful :)

  •   AADD44 pred 7 mesiacmi

    very clear and fast

  •   Vegasman5 pred 7 mesiacmi

    Very good reading. Like she knew me from past life

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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