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SulisSunGoddes | Oranum
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Hello, My name is Melissa Judge and I am a hereditary ancestral Mystic of the Scottish Druids, Czech Celts as well as South and North American Indigenous tribes of Navajo, Ashinca of Brazil and Aymarian of Peru. Through my trusted methods of divination include Tarot readings, ancestral spirit guides, thought divination, automatic/angelic and ancestral writing. Available daily 9am-1pm/4pm-9pmPST
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  •   mysterydepths pred 1 mesiacom

    100% accurate :)

  •   angeloflight22 pred 1 mesiacom

    this reader is by far let me tell u freaking hands down I am a reader over 25 years and she blows me away every time I read with her 2nd reading and I just love her she is so spot on with all her readings an so in tune god bless you and thank you so much you have a real gift keep shinning an doing what u do best all my love to u girlie mwah hugs and kisses



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