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vedicguru | Oranum
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With the divine grace of my guru i am here to give my services . My intuitive abilities and ancient mystic divine science of fortune caste can tap into your current situation . I work with the energies as energy is there always in this universe according to thermodynamics law energy cannot be created or destroyed only there is transformation of energy from one state to another state .
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  •   joboloves73 pred 8 mesiacmi

    thanks very much for the reading... it was great

  •   Your Support Team pred 9 mesiacmi

    Your Support Team Vám praje šťastné narodeniny!

  •   marooned1987 pred 11 mesiacmi

    he is one of the best one here))

  •   Panir9 pred 1 rokom

    Thank you for the excellent reading vedicguru! Will chat with you again as time goes along. You also offer great advice. Many thanks.



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